Databases, logic and complexity work group LAIC LIMOS

Some links from a former research group at LIMOS about databases, logic and complexity.

  • 2008, november, the 27ht : Summary by C. Rey of the article "Towards a reconstruction of relational database theory" by Raymond Reiter, 1984.
    Room A215 ISIMA 16h15-18h
  • 2009, january, the 8th: About quantifier elimination in term algebra. C. Rey Summary of a little part of the articles "Term Algebras with Length Function and Bounded Quantier Alternation" by Ting Zhang, Henny B. Sipma and Zohar Manna.
    An example of quantifier elimination (in french)
    Room A213 ISIMA 16h30-18h
  • 2009, february, the 12th, 16h15-18h : About constraint databases. C. Rey Discussion about Jan Van den Bussche's paper "Constraint databases: A tutorial introduction"
  • 2009, may, the 14th: A Tight Lower Bound for Determinization of Transition Labeled Büchi Automata. K. Zdanowski (joint with Thomas Colcombet) Univ. Paris 6 (slides)
  • 2009, october, 19th. Presentation by C. Rey of his current research project about a declarative language for query rewritings. ISIMA, A001.
  • 2010, february, 18th, 14h-16h: Presentation by Mamadou Kanté of his recent works. Room A113, ISIMA.